This Video Will Change How You View Life....Dr. Azri Zakariya | Annie Price

Watch in 2x Speed :) An Overview Of My Life So Far...

0:00 - 1:52 - Azri Intro
1:52 - 3:52 - The Real Problem Around Health
3:52 - 06:25 - Why Did You Become A Doctor & Why Did You Try To Get Out?
06:25 - 07:23 - Success vs. Competitive Greatness - Becoming The Best To Help More People
07:23 - 08:37 - Asking Yourself The Right Questions To Get To The 1%
08:37 - 10:18 - Fear Of Judgement, Fear Of Failure, Fear Of Success
10:18 - 12:18 - How To Get Over Fear Of Judgement
12:18 - 13:03 - How To Handle Any Problem In Life
13:03 - 16:04 - The Key To Handling Emotions
16:04 - 21:13 - The Cost Of Growth
21:13 - 22:51 - Purpose & The End Of Life
22:51 - 25:00 - Staying Motivated - The Voice Inside Your Head
25:00 - 26:22 - Did Your Parents Force You Into Everything?
26:22 - 27:50 - Searching For The Truth To Become Unstoppable
27:50 - 32:15 - Stress, Anxiety, Overwhelm - How To Control Your Mind
32:15 - 35:46 - Mental Health, Exercise, Habits & Routines
35:46 - 49:52 - Infuriating Myths About Foods / Exercise & What You Should Do
49:52 - 55:14 - Who Would You Like To Be In 10 Years Time?
55:14 - What Would You Do If You Had To Start Again?

In this conversation, fitness and lifestyle coach, Dr. Azri Zakariya, provides a candid and insightful exploration of various topics related to health, fitness, and mindset as well as his personal experience through life so far as a 23 year old medical graduate whom has had success in the entrepreneurial and social media space, building a growing team of 20 to expand his company and serve more people.

The discussion delves into the influence of social media on body image, emphasizing the importance of discernment in the face of fitness trends. 

Dr. Azri Zakariya challenges myths about meal timing and specific foods, advocating for a contextual understanding of nutrition. His advice extends to practical approaches for aging parents, emphasizing certain activities to boost progress.

Dr. Azri Zakariya shares personal experiences and reflections, touching on the need for balance in fitness practices and debunking the notion of extreme, unsustainable approaches. 

He highlights the importance of avoiding a rigid identity tied to one's current achievements, expressing a desire for continuous learning and skill acquisition. 

Throughout, there's an undercurrent of the pursuit of authenticity, present-mindedness, and the acknowledgment that the journey is as important as the destination. 

Dr. Azri Zakariya's dynamic and thoughtful perspective offers valuable insights for both those navigating the fitness realm and those seeking a holistic approach to well-being.
This Video Will Change How You View Life....Dr. Azri Zakariya | Annie Price
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